Stop at Nothing.

Invisible Children is an organization I've followed for about 4 years now, that sponsors and raises awareness about children in Africa who suffer from all kinds of injustice. For me, the phrase "children in Africa" has become so cliche that I hardly think twice about it, and it's sad. IC has recently launched Kony2012, a campaign to stop a man whose acts of ruthlessness are so horrible, that he has been number one on the ICC's World's Worst Criminals list for ten years. The end is in sight, though, if we can raise awareness about him, which Kony2012 has finally created a method for doing so. Please, watch this video and help the cause to make his name known.


Yes, there are numerous other areas of cruelty in the world. Yes, many of them lie within our own country, and are raging with no effort to stop them. But just 10 years ago, Kony was in the same category. This is the result of one man, with the help of his Savior, fighting for change. Let us stand with him, stand for justice, and use this as an example when we see something that is wrong in the future.

End a war. Stop at nothing.

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