In His Image?

If you've been watching the news, you might have seen that there is a current trend for "Am I Ugly?" videos on YouTube. I watched some today, and it just broke my heart. These teenage girls take videos of themselves talking about how people tell them that they're ugly, and how they agree. Worse than that are the hateful, spiteful, sinister comments that people post in response. I wanted to go find every single one of those girls and give them a huge hug and tell them how beautiful they are, because of the One who created them, the Master Artist.

I think I'll do a post later on the influence of the media into any and all areas of our lives, and this is just an example:

 And this one is sweet.


  1. I am 5lbs overweight.I dnt have a Caucasian nose,and my hair is frizzy most of the time. But If hear smone calling me less than beautiful, I would ditch them. means they make fun of my God.
    This post is beautiful. God speed. xx

  2. I remember these videos from Mr. Sherman!