Here's some stuff I've stumbled across recently. I don't think that there's a right or wrong answer to this issue; I know that I have an opinion about it, but everyone's opinion will be different based on the encounters that they've had and the things they have experienced. For those who have this decision in their hands, it is their job to come to a conclusion about it. For the rest of us, it's important to form our own definite opinion based on personal beliefs, and to be able to think critically and listen openly to the opinions of others.

Here, a man who's children were directly affected by the Sandy Hook incident advocates for his own right to keep his guns - and let others in his town do the same.

Additionally, here's an article about the worst school-wide massacre in American records (that turned out to be only half as deadly as it should have been, due to plan malfunctions).

I know what I believe, but I'm genuinely curious about other people's opinions and why they have them.

Also - was anyone else a bit disturbed by the use of the Sandy Hook kids during the Super Bowl, to evoke nation-wide emotion and gain viewers for the media? Disguised as an act of kindness and opportunity to young children who had been through life-changing, traumatizing circumstances? Just my initial reaction.