Yeah. It's been too long. I guess so much has happened that I just don't know what to write about... but also I feel like I've been lacking inspiration lately. Well actually, I think I've been lacking originality, which I confuse with inspiration. If that makes any sense at all.

I'm taking World Literature this semester, and I'm really excited about that. Partly, because in each unit there's something from the Bible that we study, so it's like "...opportunity!!" but also partly because there's so much to uncover in literary works and poetry. It's an area I enjoy, but need to exercise a little more. I get a window to the inspiration of others, separated by hundreds of years. I think that's pretty cool... plus, with me being a math/science-y type person I don't get too much of it, at least in this sense.

Science is sort of the same way though. The people who research and seek knowledge about whatever subject it is certainly have inspiration. I love it, because I can see connections all around me... I like to ask why.

And... I'm still not really sure where this entry is heading.

Well, hopefully I've broken the ice enough to where I can start writing again. Regularly, I mean. But for now, I need to finish breakfast and go to the beach before work. Time outside is good for the soul. :) I'm so excited! I went home and packed myself a little picnic lunch, and I've got a few books to read, music to listen to, my Bible, and some thank-you cards to write. I don't think I have enough time to do all that, but that's okay. I'll just do it again tomorrow!

Goodness and mercy.

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